HackMentalHealth 2019 at UCSF is a hackathon that is dedicated towards developing technology that can improve mental health.

We are excited to present its second annual Bay Area mental health hackathon in Spring 2019.

Hack Mental Health is dedicated towards developing technology that can improve mental health. The hackathon will offer participants the opportunity to develop and collaborate with industry leaders, healthcare professionals, researchers, and passionate, talented individuals from the Bay Area. We'll explore themes around reinventing therapy, stress and anxiety relief, workplace wellness, and much more. What are innovative ways to redefine therapy in the 21st century - virtual reality, artificial intelligence, chatbots? How can we leverage technology to empower individuals to overcome stress or anxiety issues - wearables, meditation-based applications? How can we use technology to empower employees to take wellness into their own hands?

Hack Mental Health is open to participants of all disciplines and backgrounds. Don't have a team? No problem - we have plenty of team matching opportunities leading up to the event!

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This hackathon is open to everyone, both students and non-students, from any background.




Judging Criteria

  • Clinical Impact
    The product/service can meaningfully address a current clinical problem.
  • Viability
    The product/service serves a function in the healthcare landscape.
  • Technological Quality
    The technical requirements for the product are feasible, innovative and elegant.
  • Product Excellence
    The product/service has thought about the end user in its design.